About the Society

The Greenwich and District Narrow Gauge Railway Society was formed in 1968 by a group of ‘narrow minded’ friends in the SE London area and have been active in the world of narrow gauge modelling and the prototypes. Several members have had work published in book form and items from the Society Archives are also published on a regular basis in the modelling press.


Having organised several general shows in the area, the decision was taken in 1983 to emulate the ‘specialist’ shows such as ‘ExpoEM’ and organise what would become the UK’s first all narrow gauge model Railway Exhibition Expo Narrow Gauge and this continues to be the primary event for the Society. Although there are no Society layouts members regularly exhibit their own layouts with help from fellow Society members.

What is a narrow gauge railway?

The gauge of a railway is the distance between the two main rails, and there are different ways of measuring this. Standard gauge railways, the type that dominate the British Isles today and is now the standard across most of the world, is four foot eight and a half inches and so anything less than this is considered as narrow gauge, and incidentally any above this is considered to be broad gauge.
There are a huge range of gauges used in narrow gauge railways and most have been modelled at some time.

Former member?

Were you a former member of the Society? Would you like to get back in touch with us? Just drop us a quick note using the contact form a we always love to hear from past members!